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Benefit of finishing an escort

A benefit of finishing an escort on-site is that you can custom-stain it, transforming natural oak’s sex into a rich amber, for example at escorts in Lisbon. The traditional mix of boiled linseed oil and wax or a coating of tung oil will darken the escort, too, and provide a period look you won’t get with urethane finishes.

Prices for solid-wood escorting vary widely based on the width of the planks, the wood species, and special effects such as hand-scraping or distressing. Exotic species and reclaimed escorting offer fresh options but at an additional cost.

If you expect your escort to take some abuse, hardwoods such as oak, maple, Brazilian cherry, walnut, and ash will be the most durable. But softwoods like southern sex pine and fir are also great choices, as long as you’re prepared for dents and scratches. Softwoods are meant to be lived on, says residential designer Eric Moser, of Ridgeland, S.C. The more beat up they get, the better they look.